The beginnings.

The beginnings of Nick-San, date back more than twenty years ago, in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur; when the Japanese chef Ma-sayuki Niikura, visited this tourist destination and met the Mexican chef Angel Carbajal. From there on arose a great friendship between them after Niikura (Nick) requested permission from Angel to cook his food in the restaurant where Angel worked as a manager. Angel agreed and as a gratitude gesture, Nick shared with Angel the techniques of Japanese cuisine.

Later on, Angel Carbajal proposed Niikura (Nick) to join forces and open a restaurant in Los Cabos. On October 31, 1994, Nick-San Cabo San Lucas, opened its doors, which would start a string of successes and awards that the company has been accumulating.

Maybe these partners and friends, never imagined that Nick-San would achieve the fame, image and prestige that it now has in 2011, thanks to their creativity, originality and consistency, which is now reflected in an expansion that has transcended Los Cabos.

Nick-San today.

For Nick-San, one fundamental part of its success is their continuous innovation; they are constantly offering better options to their guests and of course, maintaining their quality in the preparation of their food. The concept of Nick-San is the result of a fusion of Japanese and Mexican cuisine, all dishes are created under strict quality control, and the taste that characterizes the dishes is unmistakable, as a result of good technique combined with premium quality fresh products.

75% of the ingredients handled by Nick-San are directly imported from Japan.

Masayuki Niikura created more than twenty years ago; the now worldwide famous "Spicy Tuna".

Among the dishes preferred by customers, is everyone's favorite: Tuna Toast, Likewise, they offer a wide variety of sashimi such as: black & white, Hamachi curry and the successful cilantro (coriander leaves), among others. They also offer a great assortment of salads, rolls, sushi, and entrees such as escallops dynamite, bass Misoyaki, Lobster curry and Teriyaki steak. It is certainly difficult to mention a few dishes, given the fact that all dishes offered are truly delicious, each and every one developed with the care that characterizes the kitchen of Angel Carbajal.